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August 07, 2009


Southern Savvy

Wow - good to see that you're back! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creative projects!


Wow, I did wonder if I would ever get to savor anymore of your posts!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming back!
I'm sure that most of us can relate to your absence and also to "finding yourself".
Sometimes the mind can overload on thoughts of creativity ... I'm constantly trying to slow my creative thoughts so that I can focus on a project from start to finish. I have learned to write down my new thoughts on paper (with quick drawings, too) so that I won't forget them. And I found this helps me release the thought from my brain ... LOL
And you also needed to step away from the computer to spend time with your family. Sometimes the computer can interfere with family time. It's good to set a schedule of when to use the computer and even though we can't stick to the schedule does help keep some sanity.
Gloria Brown
Winterport, Maine

Jeannine Weider

I'm absolutely mesmerized by your page. I'm so excited that I came across it. I have been struggling with ideas on how to paint my kitchen cabinets and you have absolutely inspired me! I love the cabinet with the raised stencil and i love the kitchen island with the beautiful legs. I hope i can get it right, are you willing to give a little advice on paint products to use?
either way I'm spinning with creativity!:)
posted this in december blog by accident....oops

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