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December 13, 2008



What a stunning fireplace.



You have the most awesome eye for decorating. I truly enjoyed looking through all of your pictures. Thanks!
It's A Party-ful Life!

Jeannine Weider

I'm absolutely mesmerized by your page. I'm so excited that I came across it. I have been struggling with ideas on how to paint my kitchen cabinets and you have absolutely inspired me! I love the cabinet with the raised stencil and i love the kitchen island with the beautiful legs. I hope i can get it right, are you willing to give a little advice on paint products to use?
either way I'm spinning with creativity!:)

Gloria Brown, Winterport, ME

I hope this coming winter after the holidays that you can find a little time to post a few more pics. I check back with you site from time to time and sometimes get lucky with new photos that you have posted.
I have a quick question. Do you know if that fireplace in this older post (December 13, 2008) is real stone? Or fabricated? I would like to have the same mantel someday. Are you the person that ordered it? If so, do you remember from where?
I'm looking forward to Christmas pics from this year of your fun decorating ideas. But please don't feel pressured because I realize that you have a busy life with your family and work!
Happy Holidays!
Gloria Brown
Winterport, ME

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